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Electric Golf Trolleys Allow You To Focus On Golf Not Fitness

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Carrying or pushing equipment around a golf course has always brought the need for further considerations for players of all levels and age. Even before you begin visualising your shot off the first tee, decisions about getting your equipment from hole to hole can already become a distraction. Questions you ask yourself may include:

  • It is a hot day, can I carry the weight of 2 litres of water in my bag as well as 14 permitted clubs?
  • The forecast is for rain, do I have space for a full set of waterproofs, towels, and dry clothes?
  • I have a niggling injury, will carrying or pushing my golf equipment aggravate it?

Such considerations sow seeds of doubt even before tee off. If you could be in an optimal state of mind and just concentrate on your golf without getting to the last few holes feeling exhausted, how great would that be?

Did you know that electric golf trolleys are not only practical but can alleviate worries and boost energy levels.

Electric Golf is here to help as your dedicated consumer resource for electric golf trolleys, including buyer guides, reviews, and information. Our aim is to provide all you need to know to make an informed decision on electric golf trolleys.

A Brief History of Electric Golf Trolleys

Golf trolleys have existed since the 1940s when a shortage of caddies necessitated a solution for moving golf clubs around a course. Electric golf trolleys have a much more recent history and were first seen in the UK in the early 1980s when one of the pioneering trolley brands, Powakaddy was established by Joe Catford. The first electric golf trolley had basic stop and go functionality. Today, there are a multitude of brands, with different designs and features.

How Does an Electric Trolley Work?

Electric golf trolleys use electrical assistance to self-power around a golf course. It means they only need to be steered and not physically pushed or pulled. Remote control models further reduce the need to steer as a trolley can be operated from a distance which includes directional control.

What are the Benefits of An Electric Trolley?

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There are three options for getting your gear from one hole to the next. They are to carry your own bag, use a push/pull trolley, or use an electric trolley.

Is an electric golf trolley a better solution than the other two options? Evidence points to electric golf trolleys, not only being good for your health but also good for your game.

The main benefits of using an electric golf trolley range from reducing injury to an improvement over on-course performance. The benefits have scientific backing through authority research by Andrew Caldwell, a specialist golf physiotherapist.

1. Reduces fatigue and saves energy for improved performance

Playing 18 holes, or even 36 holes of golf back to back, can be exhausting. Swinging a golf club continually uses lots of muscles in your body taking up energy and when combined with walking more than 7,000 yards, sometimes over hilly terrain causes fatigue. Add into the mix the additional effort needed to either carry your own bag or push your own trolley especially on steep inclines and this can start to really impact the less well conditioned golfer, particularly in the latter holes of a round.

Most recreational golfers do not train to meet the required physiological demands of golf. Without the necessary conditioning, even younger golfers with high fitness levels can experience golf-specific fatigue. Even elite golfers need to maintain optimal performance during a competitive round.


Scientific research has shown that the addition of carrying your own golf bag over 18 holes can result in an average 2.5% reduction in clubhead speed over the course of the round. The lower velocity that you can swing your club translates into a loss of up to 10 yards off the tee. For short hitters struggling to reach 250 yards with their driver, this can further add pressure to reach the green in regulation on longer par fours or par fives.

2. Reduces injury by taking the strain off your body

By using an electric golf trolley, you still benefit from exercise afforded by playing golf, but it takes a strain off the body by reducing the physical limitations and risk of injury of carrying a bag or using a push / pull trolley.

a golfer carrying a large golf bag

Risk of injury

Back strain can be caused by the constant asymmetrical lifting of a fully loaded golf bag weighing more than ten kilograms. Those that are poorly conditioned may become particularly susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries as they fatigue at the end of a hard round.

Injuries using a manual trolley can include a strain on the arms and the spine, as well as knee joints from the effort needed pulling or pushing a trolley around a course, particularly steep inclines.

Physical limitations

An electric golf trolley allows for the exercise benefits of golf without the higher tissue loads associated with carrying a very heavy golf bag. Physical limitations may simply make carrying or pushing a 15-kilogram golf bag unachievable.

3. Bring everything you need (and more) on the course

When you use a carry bag, the natural thinking is to keep the weight of the bag down to the bare minimum beyond the 14 permitted golf clubs to make your golf round as physically comfortable as possible. Right before you even tee off this mentality puts you at a competitive disadvantage against someone using an electric golf trolley.

An electric golf trolley takes the strain of a heavy golf bag allowing it to be loaded to its maximum weight capacity with everything you will need on the round. Cart bags are also designed for trolleys and typically provide more space and better organisation for equipment.


What other equipment can maximise your chances of a low scoring round, that you would not consider bringing as part of a carry bag set up? With additional equipment, it might just provide the edge you need for any eventuality removing the need to be creative when faced with less available equipment. We have created a useful guide of the 10 best electric golf trolley accessories.

motocaddy trolley and bag


Using a large cart bag, afforded by an electric trolley allows you to bring multiple types of clothing for for ever changing weather conditions. Whether you need lightweight or heavy rain gear, single or multiple layers of clothing to regulate your temperature, with a large bag you are covered.


You can keep yourself focused by not having to ration food or drink due to weight. Walking with heavy equipment, over long courses and in the heat can make you dehydrated if you are not carrying enough water. With an electric trolley it is no problem to carry a 2-litre bottle of mineral water for the duration of your 18 holes.

4. Allows those with physical limitations to play more

The use of an electric golf trolley provides the opportunity for golfers who cannot carry a bag or push a trolley due to a physical impairment to still play golf. It allows those who may be struggling with physiological demands to play more often with less recovery time. Psychology should not be under-estimated, and knowing that you do not have a heavy load to carry around a course may be the spur needed to play more; in turn, playing more is going to allow you to improve your game and reduce your handicap.

What Are the Key Considerations for An Electric Trolley?

Has our guide already interested you in the benefits of an electric golf trolley? Here are the key considerations you should be aware of before you decide to take the plunge and make a purchase.

powakaddy c2i electric trolley

Size and storage

The size of your electric golf trolley should be an important consideration. Trolleys are not small pieces of equipment and depending on the boot space in your car may limit your choice to trolleys that are on the more compact size. A quick fold mechanism may also be desirable which will reduce the size of a trolley and ensure that it will fit in most boots. We have produced a detailed guide on the 8 best compact electric golf trolleys currently available.


A lightweight frame should be high on your list of priorities when looking for an electric golf trolley. Aluminium is both strong and lightweight. Weighing less means that your trolley will use less battery power ensuring that you remain comfortably charged for the duration of your golf day which may include back to back rounds. You also need to get a buggy in and out of your car boot, which may have a high sill. Electric golf trolleys with the battery in place tend to start from 11 kg (which is considered light) and above.


Batteries have evolved and now a set of batteries are quite capable of getting your electric trolley through 18 holes on a single charge or even 36 holes if you go for an extended life battery. Consideration should be made to whether you want a trolley with lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries. Lithium are much smaller and lighter and will add to the cost of the trolley, but essential if size and weight are your concern. Statistics from Motocaddy have shown that 90% of golfers tend to choose lithium power. You can read more about the the best lithium batteries for electric golf trolleys in our detailed guide.

Remote control

A hand-held remote control allows a golfer to navigate a trolley around a course remotely. It allows you to control both speed and direction and is a premium alternative to on-trolley power and directional controls.

What Useful Features do the Best Trolleys Have?

motocaddy built in gps touch screen

Technical advances have seen Electric trolleys include an array of features. You will need to decide what extras will be useful for you when looking for a trolley. Here are what we consider features that can add value to your on-course experience:

Built in GPS functionality

GPS technology that comes pre-loaded with thousands of golf courses worldwide allows you to manage your on-course game from your trolley with no reliance on external devices.

Electric braking system

A built-in system that is self-sensing and automatically allows a trolley to keep a constant speed on steep inclines ensuring control is maintained.

Electronic parking brake

An easy to use function that will ensure that the trolley maintains its position even on the steepest of hilly golf courses. We have written a guide on the best electric trolleys for a hilly course.

What Are the Established Brands?

There are many brands that provide electric golf trolleys. Certain brands are known for specialising at a certain audience or quality level.

Pro Rider are a reliable, no thrills equipment provider and offer one of the best cheap electric golf trolleys under £300. At the other end of the spectrum, manufacturer, Stewart provides premium trolleys that cost over £2,000. Brands such as Powakaddy and Motocaddy lie in between these price points with high quality electric trolleys packed with features including extended lithium batteries and built in GPS. For a detailed insight into the major brands please have a look at our brand guide.

BrandTarget MarketPrice Point
Pro RiderBudget£249 – £349
Ben SayersBudget£299 – £499
PowakaddyMid-Range£649 – £1399
MotocaddyMid-Range£649 – £1299
StewartPremium£1249 – £1799
Big MaxPremium£2200 – £3361

We hope that our in-depth buyer guides and articles can help you make informed decisions about all aspects of electric golf trolleys from purchase through to tips to keep your electric golf trolley in top condition and identifying common repair issues for electric golf trolleys. We want you to be able to focus on your golf not your fitness.

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Happy golfing – Chris, Dave and the team at Electric Golf, the electric golf trolley A to Z for consumers