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Powerbug Offers 0% Pay Monthly Finance On Its NX Lithium Range

January 2024

powerbug nx lithium

Powerbug, the UK-Based electric golf trolley specialist is still offering 0% pay monthly finance on its products through finance provider, Klarna.

The finance purchase is spread over 24 months with a monthly payment plan and no interest charges. It means that the monthly cost of an NX Lithium series trolley, currently retailing at £599 is just £24.95 monthly.

If you are interested in taking up the interest-free option over 2 years, you just need to select Klarna as your payment type at checkout on the Powerbug website and the available finance offers are displayed. You then select the 0% finance plan and your purchase is then completed.

For more information on this offer please visit the official Powerbug website

Stewart Golf is 20 Years Old

September 2023

Innovative electric golf trolley brand, Stewart Golf has just reached its 20 year milestone.

stewart golf q follow

Founded by by Ross and Mark Stewart, it was back in 2003 that Stewart Golf launched the X1 Remote electric golf trolley. The launch created much media interest at the time due to it’s technologically sophisticated design. In fact the design was so advanced that it made it into GQ magazine’s 2003 list of the 100 coolest things in the world, alongside top brands like Range Rover.

Stewart Golf has continued to innovate and has become synonymous with follow technology. The technology allows it’s follow trolleys such as the Stewart Q Follow to track the movements of your remote-control handset as you walk the golf course.

Further innovation from it’s meteoric start include blue tooth communication, LCD screen technology and rack and pinion folding.

The company’s growth in 20 years has seen it move from small premises to a state of the art 10500 square foot factory in Gloucestershire that it purchased for £1 million in 2017 and from where it continues to innovate.

Powakaddy Celebrates It’s 40th Birthday In 2023

August 2023

the-powakaddy ct8

Powakaddy, the pioneering electric golf trolley manufacturer, founded by Joe Catford in 1983 will be celebrating it’s 40th birthday. From its origins under Catford, the UK-based company has gone through a number of changes in ownership and consolidation to become what is now one of the world’s leading electric golf trolley brands.

Powakaddy is particularly known for its product innovation and has been a leader in technological development which has broken new ground in the industry.

Key mile stones in electric golf trolley innovation from Powakaddy in the last 20 years include:

  • 2014: The introduction of Plug ‘n’ Play battery connection technology
  • 2017: The launch of ultra-compact folding electric golf trolleys with the C2
  • 2017: The introduction of integrated GPS into an electric golf trolley with the launch of the FW7 GPS
  • 2023: Introduced the first remote-controlled touchscreen GPS trolley with the RX1 GPS

Over the course of it’s 40 year existence, Powakaddy has sold in excess of 1 million electric golf trolleys and maintains it’s position as one of the most reliable and innovative trolley manufacturers worldwide.

Female Golfers Prioritize An Electric Golf Trolley Purchase Over A New Set Of Irons And Woods

July 2023

Top UK Electric Golf trolley Manufacturer, Motocaddy, recently commissioned an independent survey from research company Sporting Insights.

The purpose of the report was to identify what women golfers thought about electric golf trolleys in a number of ways and the results are interesting.

lady golfers

The most revealing statistic was 69% of the golfers surveyed would prioritize an electric golf trolley purchase over buying a new set of golf clubs, as they see the benefit of on-course motorized equipment transportation as key to lowering their scores.

The survey also revealed other statistics of the association between lady golfers and electric golf trolleys including:

  • Of those surveyed, 98% who consider themselves regular golfers own an electric golf trolley.
  • 31% of those surveyed believe the ability to carry accessories, made possible by an electric golf trolley has helped raise their game.
  • 49% surveyed believe that using an electric golf trolley and its freedom of carry bag strain has made golf more enjoyable.
  • Overall in the UK the survey has identified that 75% of female golfers use an electric golf trolley compared to 63% for men.

For more information on Sporting Insights click here.

Powakaddy Launches The All-New FX1 Electric Golf Trolley

June 2023

Powakaddy has just launched the all-new FX1 Electric Golf Trolley which is a welcome addition to the top selling FX range which already includes the FX3 and FX5.

The FX1 which launches with a retail price of just £649 aims to make the FX range accessible to all golfers, who can also benefit from the excellent design and performance of the range but at a lower price point.

The main features and benefits of the FX1 include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lightweight (9.5 kg without battery) and compact when folded for storage thanks to an easy to use one-click fold system.
  • An innovative Key-Lock bag system designed to stop your golf bag twisting on the trolley.
  • Useful ambidextrous controls allowing comfortable handling for right and left-handed players.
  • A straightforward pause-and-resume speed controller
  • A powerful plug and play lithium-ion battery

Full details and specifications of the FX1 are available directly at Powakaddy.

Golfstream Introduce Their Newly Updated Vision Electric Golf Trolley For 2023

May 2023

UK-based Electric Golf Trolley manufacturer, Golf Vision have recently released a revised version of their popular Vision trolley for 2023.

The key upgrades are:

golfstream vision 2023 folded
  • A brighter 3-inch LCD Screen with white background and large black digits designed to be easily readable even in the sunniest conditions.
  • New PU rubber tyres manufactured to be long lasting and providing better grip
  • The addition of two side arms created to keep golf bags firmly in place on the trolley

The upgrades already build upon an electric golf trolley that is known for its strength in three areas:

  1. Its uniquely patented one-touch folding and unfolding mechanism, which takes under one second from fully folded to ready to use.
  2. Having the lowest fold down height (just 28.5 cm) of any electric golf trolley currently on the market
  3. Being one of the lightest electric golf trolleys around weighing only 9 kg without or 11 kg with a lithium battery

The updated Golfstream Vision currently retails between £499 and £549 depending on the battery size option and is an established member on our featured list of the top eight best compact electric golf trolleys currently available here in the UK.

New Data Confirms Motocaddy As The UK’s Best Selling Electric Golf Trolley Manufacturer

April 2023

Motocaddy s1 dhc ultra lithium

It has just been confirmed that Motocaddy was the UK’s best-selling electric golf trolley manufacturer for 2022 according to data recorded by UK on-course golf retailers. The data was compiled by the respected specialist golf researcher Golf Datatech, who base their UK research on over 2 million records a month that have been recorded at the point of sale by electronic point of sale systems (EPOS).

The Golf Datatech numbers confirm that:

  • Motocaddy, in 2022 had a 35% market share in the UK electric golf trolley market.
  • Three models from the Motocaddy range are in the top five UK best selling electric golf trolleys.
  • Following the 2022 spring release of the updated Motocaddy S1 with a new sleek look, the version became the UK’s best-selling electric golf trolley over the second half of 2022.

For more information about the full Motocaddy range you can visit the Motocaddy UK official website.

For an in depth study on why the Motocaddy S1 DHC is the best electric golf trolley for a hilly course and what this criteria is based on please read our detailed research article.

Motocaddy Releases the All New S5 GPS and S5 GPS DHC

March 2023

Motocaddy s5 GPS DHC

Motocaddy has just released its brand new S5 GPS electric golf trolley, which is now available for purchase through golf retailers in the UK as of March 2023. It means that there are now an increased number of both M series and S series models now offering GPS capability. The all-new S5 comes with an impressive number of advanced features that include:

  • A built-in GPS that is pre-loaded with over 40,000 golf courses worldwide
  • Full golf course and software updates via built-in wifi
  • Mobile phone charging through an integrated USB port
  • Bluetooth phone notifications – Text and WhatsApp on the GPS screen via the Motocaddy GPS app
  • Nine speed control settings with adjustable fistance control up to 60 yards
  • Downhill speed control and an electronic parking brake
  • One step folding system
  • Click N Connect battery system that auto-disconnects when folded
  • Responsive, high-resolution 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen display

For more information on the brand new S5 you can visit the Motocaddy site directly.

New Study Shows That Electric Golf Trolleys Improve Mental Focus and Lower Scores Over Other Modes Of Golf Transport

January 2023

chart showing an electric golf trolley golf scores to par over other golf transport

Recent research has shown that using an electric golf trolley has come out on top in two out of three categories compared to a push trolley and an electric golf buggy.

Independent analysis by the Colorado Center For Health And Sports Science undertook real on-course tests of three different on-course modes of golf transport. An electric golf trolley, push trolley and electric buggy were all put through three separate tests over nine rounds using the same golfer to find out which is the best for health, performance and mental focus.

For performance, the tests showed that when using the electric golf trolley the score was 10.2 over par, compared to 10.4 with a push trolley and 11.5 with an electric buggy.

In the mental focus test using the electric golf trolley again came out on top with a score of 6.63 out of 10, compared to the 5.67 of the push trolley and the 5.01 using an electric buggy.

Only the health test saw the electric golf trolley pushed down to second place as using a push trolley burns slightly more calories at 236 calories per hour compared to the 288 of the push cart.

Playing a round while carrying a golf bag without using a mode of golf transport was not part of the tests. You can find out more about the Colorado Center for Health and Sports Science here.

Powakaddy Introduces The CT8 GPS To Its Line Up

powakaddy ct8 folded

Powakaddy has added the ultra compact CT6 GPS with a 3.5 inch touchscreen display to its impressive range of electric golf trolleys.

What makes the CT8 special is it is even more compact when folded than the already small Powakaddy CT6. It is in fact 20% smaller than the CT6 which was already the world’s most compact electric golf trolley. Powakaddy have been able to reduce the compactness further through an innovative two fold mechanism and a reduction in size of the plug and play lithium battery by 40%. You can find out full details on the CT8 at Powakaddy.

Here at Electric Golf we have updated our guide on the 8 best compact electric golf trolleys currently on the market to include the Powakaddy CT8 GPS, which is a real game changer in the compact sector, not only smaller than its fellow Powakaddy, the CT6 but also at least 35% smaller than electric trolleys by other brands.