Best Lithium Batteries for Electric Golf Trolleys: Guide With Pricing

Would you like to find out more information about lithium batteries for electric golf trolleys? Perhaps you have one of the following requirements:

kinetix 36-hole lithium battery
  • You need a new battery for your electric golf trolley
  • You are considering replacing your lead acid battery with lithium power in your trolley
  • You are considering buying a trolley and would like to know the best battery to power it up?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this guide is for you. Our detailed research will provide you with the best batteries currently on the market and what you should look for when selecting the best lithium battery for your electric trolley.

About Lithium Batteries for Electric Golf Trolleys

Lithium batteries used in an electric golf trolley are the LiFePO4 variant known as Lithium Phosphate. They are used in cars, motor homes and golf buggies and are among the longest-lived batteries ever developed.

LiFePO4 lithium golf trolley batteries have a fast-charging rate, and even when they have as little as a 5% state of charge, there is still enough voltage to ensure that an electric golf trolley will still operate correctly. They have a built-in battery management system and are very compact and light, typically smaller and half the weight of lead-acid counterparts with a similar Ampere (AH) rating.

The Eight Best Batteries Currently On the Market

We have undertaken detailed research of LiFePO4 lithium golf trolley batteries and produced a list of the top 8 universal and own brand batteries for electric golf trolleys. To make our list, all batteries have a cycle lifespan of at least 1500 charges, a minimum company one-year warranty, a maximum charge time of 5 hours and at least an 18-hole capacity. The full details are laid out in the table below.

Battery Type
Cycle Life
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm)
Charge Time (hrs)
More Info
12v 22AH
36 hole
1500 - 2000
168 x 128 x 102
Most lithium and lead acid trolleys1 year
Check Price
22AH 12v
36 hole
170 x 130 x 127
Most lithium and lead acid trolleys2 year
Check Price
12v 16AH
18 - 27 hole
1500 - 2000
170 x 130 x 80
Most lithium and lead acid trolleys5 year
Check Price
18 - 27 hole
168 x 128 x 75
Most lithium and lead acid trolleys5 year
Check Price
18 hole
170 x 130 x 75
Most lithium and lead acid trolleys3 year
Check Price
36 hole
168 x 128 x 100
Most lithium and lead acid trolleys
2 year
Check Price
30v Max 260wh
36 hole
231 x 165 x 51
Powakaddy FX/CT range
5 year
Check Price
M Series 20AH36 holeLithium£309.0020002.2145 x 160 x 805All M-Series Motocaddy models5 yearCheck Price

The Key Considerations When Buying a Lithium Battery for Your Trolley

If you are looking for lithium batteries for your trolley, the following essential areas should be considered part of your search criteria.

What fittings does your trolley have?

If you are looking for a replacement battery, you need to consider the existing fittings on your electric golf trolley. Does it have the Torberry black and red plug connectors, a T Bar fitting, or a plugin and play solution that will require an original rather than a compatible battery.

Charge time?

If you are a frequent golfer, the time it will take to charge your battery is a significant consideration. Unlike their lead-acid counterparts, lithium batteries do not need to undergo a full charge every time and an 80% charge that may take an hour or two may be enough for your trolley to complete a round of golf. For your battery to charge 100%, the time plugged into a charger varies from 2 to 5 hours depending on the type. We have also written a detailed guide to keep your trolley and battery in top condition.

Battery Capacity

A battery’s capacity is measured in Ah (ampere-hours) and is the discharge current it can deliver over time. The AH number directly correlates to the battery’s running time and the higher the AH, the longer the battery will run and the more holes your electric trolley will be able to complete. Batteries that come with a 36-hole capacity will tend to be in the 22 AH power range.

get ultramax 36 hole 22 ah universal battery


You must check out the dimensions of your tray on your trolley before you look for a new battery. You will then be able to cross-reference the size against the measurements. If a battery you select is larger than the tray, you will have to improvise to remain secure, which is not an ideal solution, hence the pre-check. Most universal lithium batteries designed for electric trolleys fall within a broad range of 16 x 12 x 7 cm to 17 x 13 x 10 cm. The upper end of the size range is typically associated with an extended rounds range 36-hole product that requires more capacity; Lithium batteries are compact, and you should not have too many size issues.


Universal lithium trolley batteries broadly fall in the 2 to 3 kg weight range. Compared to lead-acid products that can weigh twice as much, these are positively lightweight. A 36-holes battery that requires increased capacity weighs the heaviest, with a standard 18-hole power capacity being the lightest.


When selecting a battery, it is essential to know the system voltage. You can then decide upon the model you want to use to meet the voltage requirement. Standard golf batteries will typically run on 12 volts, although it can be more, which is why it is crucial to be sure before choosing a battery.

Voltage is a reference to the amount of electrical potential that your lithium battery holds. Each 12- volt battery may have six cells, each with 2.1 volts when fully charged.

battery capacity comparison calculation

Universal or Own Brand Battery?

If you are looking for a replacement trolley battery, consider whether you are happy with a universal option or want to go with the manufacturers own brand. Universal lithium batteries like the 4.7 out of 5 star rated Ultramax 36-hole lithium battery or the also highly rated Kinetix 36-hole lithium battery are both excellent low-price alternative batteries. They are especially good for electric golf trolleys on hilly courses with a capacity of two rounds of golf; if you do not want to spend out on an original lithium golf battery.

powakaddy 30v max battery

If you do wish to have an original lithium golf battery, if you have one of the best compact electric golf trolley brands like Motocaddy or Powakaddy electric golf trolleys, both manufacturers offer their brand replacement which can be substantially more than the price of a universal battery.

Charge Cycle

The charge cycle is the number of times that a lithium battery can be charged over its lifespan using chargers. LiFePO4 has a longevity of upwards of 1500 cycles. Each charging cycle equates to a round of golf. If you play every day, you can expect to get 4 to 5 years of life out of your battery. We have also written an article on 5 ways to optimize the performance of your battery to maximize battery life. All the batteries on our list have a minimum charge cycle of 1500, but it is a feature you should pay attention to when selecting a battery.


It is essential to read customer reviews before you consider purchasing any battery. We would recommend using Amazon reviews rather than a review on a manufacturer’s website. Amazon reviews result from a buyer’s experience of the product, and they are highly likely to be genuine feedback and recommendations – Not cherry-picked as may be the case on other feedback channels.

Which Is the Best Golf Trolley Battery? – Our Top Choice

The Ultramax 36-hole lithium battery is our top choice for golfers looking for a universal battery in the UK, either as a replacement or as an upgrade to an existing battery.


The battery prices from £131.00 which is good value for a 36-hole capacity battery and the Ultramax is available to purchase on Amazon if you click here where you can also read customer reviews where it is rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars.

ultramax 22ah and charger

Why you should consider this battery

The Ultramax is an excellent all-round battery solution for your electric trolley. Like most universal LiFePO4 batteries it is small and well-priced and comes with its charger and bag. However, it brings together a perfect package of features which includes the following:

  • Compatibility with all manufacturer brands including
    • Motocaddy
    • Powakaddy
    • Stewart Golf
    • Powerbug
    • Golfstream
    • GoKart
    • HillBilly
  • A fast-charging time, reaching 100% capacity in just 3 hours, which is one of the quickest of the 36-holes batteries
  • One of the only 36-hole lithium batteries that come in at a weight of under 3kg (2.9 kg). Less weight translates into better on-course performance.

Our second choice

We do also like the Kinetix 36-hole lithium battery and it does come a close second to the Ultramax. It is also a 22AH 36-hole battery but is a bit larger and heavier than the Ultramax (compare the numbers in our table above) which are important considerations. It does score well though on a really fast 2 hour charge time and a 2 year warranty. The Kinetix can also be purchased here.

Further technical specifications on the Ultramax are available on the official Ultramax website, and customer reviews are available on Amazon.


We hope that our guide will allow you to make the right decision when looking for lithium batteries for your electric golf trolley by providing a list of the top options available on the market and essential aspects to which you should pay attention. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of lithium over lead acid in a golf trolley we have produced a comprehensive article which you can view here.

We wish you happy golfing – The team at Electric Golf

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