What Are The Main Benefits Of Using An Electric Golf Trolley?

You may not realise it, but the main benefits of using an electric golf trolley are actually quite wide in scope. They include convenience, an enhanced golfing experience, a positive impact on your health and environmental advantages.

Indeed, as the benefits of electric golf trolleys become more widely recognized, their use by both high and low handicap golfers continues to grow.

This article explores all the main benefits of using an electric golf trolley. By highlighting these advantages, here at Electric Golf, we hope to provide valuable insights for golfers of all levels considering buying an electric trolley.

Read on and find out for yourself why the benefits of using an electric golf trolley are actually quite compelling.

an electric golf trolley on a hilly part of the course

Improved Convenience and Ease During A Golf Round

There are a number of ways where both the convenience and practicality of an electric golf trolley can assist all levels of golfer on the course, from low to high handicappers.

Effortlessly transport your golf clubs and equipment around the course

One of the main benefits of an electric golf trolley is the ease with which it transports your golf clubs and equipment around the golf course. With a push of a button you effortlessly move your golf gear from one hole to the next with no effort.

Compare it with pushing and pulling a manual trolley or carrying your own golf bag; it is physically demanding work especially for older golfers or those with pre-existing health conditions and is particularly problematic on a golf course with hilly or uneven terrain. By removing physical strain, an electric golf trolley allows you to conserve energy for the game.

golfer pushing his electric golf trolley

An easier navigation of the golf course

Continually figuring out the easiest route around a golf course as you play each hole is challenging when carrying a bag or pushing a manual trolley, especially on an undulating course or in poor weather conditions.

Electric golf trolleys, equipped with advanced suspension systems and motorized wheels, allow for easy navigation and smooth movement across any landscape; whether a flat fairway or a hilly terrain using an electric golf trolley can only improve the golfer’s on-course enjoyment whilst minimizing disruptions to their game.

The benefits of using a remote control and automated features

Many electric golf trolleys come with remote control capabilities, enabling golfers to control the trolley’s movements from a distance. The added convenience lets players focus on their game rather than worrying about manoeuvering their equipment.

Additionally, many trolleys now offer automated features such as preset speed settings, allowing for a customized and seamless experience on the course. Here at Electric Golf, we have written a guide of the best compact electric golf trolleys including automated features that further focuses on the benefits you can enjoy using a motorized trolley out on the course.

golfer doing a practice swing on the tee

An Enhanced Golfing Experience

The use of electric golf trolleys allows golfers to shift their attention from the physical demands of transporting their equipment to focus on the actual game at hand, providing an overall enhanced golfing experience.

Less fatigue leads to better concentration during a round

By reducing the physical strain of transporting golf clubs and equipment, electric golf trolleys allows you to concentrate on your game. With less fatigue and improved focus, you can enjoy a more satisfying and rewarding experience on the course, potentially leading to better overall performance.

A recent study by the Colorado Center for Health and Sports Science in conjunction with trolley manufacturer, Big Max took actual tests on the golf course with the same golfer completing a round with a push trolley, an electric golf trolley, and a golf buggy (cart). The electric golf trolley came top of the mental focus test with a score of 6.63 out of 10 showing there are benefits of using one during your round.

An improved overall performance on the golf course

When golfers are not burdened by the physical demands of pushing or pulling a trolley, or carrying a bag they can devote more energy and focus to their swing and strategy. This may result in improved shot accuracy, better course management, and lower scores.

Again the same study by the CCHSS taken over 9 holes by the same golfer has come out with the average score as being lowest (best) with an electric golf trolley at 10.2 over par compared to a push trolley or a golf buggy. The table below shows the full results of the study where the electric golf trolley comes top in two out of three tests.

The Advantages Of An Electric Golf Trolley Over A Push Trolley

The Health and Performance Benefits of Using An Electric Golf Trolley

Electric Trolley Push Trolley Golf Buggy
HEALTH (calories burnt over 9 holes in Kcal per hour) 236 288 211
MENTAL FOCUS (average self-reported mental focus over 9 holes out of 10) 6.63 5.67 5.01
PERFORMANCE (average score to par over 9 holes) 10.2 10.4 11.5

A study by The Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science (CCHSS)

A much more efficient movement between holes

Electric golf trolleys enable you to move quicker between holes as the combination of motorized propulsion and smooth manoeuvrability, allows you to walk unhindered at a constant pace. The increase in efficient movement contributes to a faster pace of play, beneficial for both you and the overall flow of traffic on the course.

golfer with electric trolley on fairway
A relaxed golfer with an electric golf trolley

An overall reduction in waiting time

As electric trolleys lead to faster movement between holes, it means you can spend less time waiting for your turn to play in between shots. The reduction in waiting time results in a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience for players on the course, especially if a significant number are using an electric golf trolley.

Less time spent on manual tasks during a round

When you automate the transportation of golf clubs and equipment through electric golf trolleys, it frees up time normally spent on manual tasks like pushing/pulling a manual trolley or putting a bag down or picking it up. The extra time can be spent focusing on your round, further enhancing the overall experience.

The Health and Fitness Benefits Of Using Electric Golf Trolleys

According to a detailed golf and health report undertaken by the R and A, playing golf has some significant benefits to both your physical health and fitness, such as improved balance and muscle endurance in older golf players. Using an electric golf trolley can allow some of these benefits to be fully realized.

Electric golf trolleys allow proper walking of the golf course

When you walk a golf course it is a great way to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health. An electric golf trolley makes it easier for you to walk the course freely as it eliminates the need to push or pull a heavy trolley or carry a bag. It also encourages you to walk correctly and provides a valuable form of low-impact exercise. Here at Electric Golf we are older players and know all too well about the need for low-impact exercise, particularly due to knee issues!

Electric golf trolleys help to strengthen your muscles

golfer carrying a heavy bag
A stressed golfer carrying a heavy bag

By walking around an 18-hole par 70 or 72 golf course, it helps strengthen your leg, core, and back muscles. Electric golf trolleys enable you to walk a course without the added strain of carrying your clubs which promotes better overall muscle health.

They lower the risk of injury by eliminating strain on your back and shoulders

Carrying a heavy golf bag or pushing a manual trolley can significantly strain the back and shoulders, potentially leading to injury. Electric golf trolleys remove this strain, reducing the risk of injury and promoting long-term musculoskeletal health.

They prevent long-term health issues

By reducing the physical strain associated with traditional golf trolleys and bag carrying, electric golf trolleys can help prevent long-term health issues such as chronic back pain, muscle strains, and joint problems. It is especially important for older golfers or those with pre-existing health conditions.

We have also written an article that expands on just the health related benefits of using an electric golf trolley

A Table Of Added Benefits Golfers Get Using An Electric Golf Trolley Over A Push Trolley

Advantages Electric Golf Trolleys Push Trolleys
Effortless transportation of equipment
Reduced physical strain and fatigue
Easy navigation around the golf course
Remote control and automated features
Improved overall performance
Faster pace of play
Health and fitness benefits
Environmentally friendly
Cost-effective in the long run
Customization and accessory options

Electric Golf Trolleys Are Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

Electric golf trolleys are environmentally friendly especially compared to golf buggies (also known as golf carts) which run on petrol or diesel and damage the environment. They are also considerably more cost-effective than buggies.

Electric golf trolleys have a lower carbon footprint compared to petrol-powered golf buggies

powakaddy ct6

Electric golf trolleys have a lower carbon footprint than petrol-powered golf buggies as they use rechargeable batteries and produce zero emissions. This environmentally friendly element makes electric trolleys an attractive option for eco-conscious golfers.

Electric trolleys significantly reduce levels of noise pollution

Unlike petrol-powered golf buggies, an electric golf trolley runs almost silently, creating a peaceful golfing experience. The reduction in noise pollution is beneficial not only for golfers but also for the surrounding environment, including local wildlife.

They use rechargeable batteries and energy-efficient technology

Electric golf trolleys are powered by rechargeable batteries, which are cost-effective. Advancements in energy-efficient technology has led to the development of trolleys that require less power to operate, further reducing any negative environmental impact.

Electric golf trolleys have minimal maintenance and running costs

Electric golf trolleys typically require less maintenance off the course than petrol-powered buggies. With fewer moving parts and no need for oil changes, tune-ups, or exhaust system maintenance it translates into lower long-term costs.

Excellent Customization, Accessory, and Storage Options

There are now many electric golf trolley providers here in the UK competing to win the business of everyday golfers. It has led to healthy competition with increasing options and features available. Well established manufacturers like Powakaddy and Motocaddy are now having to raise their level as newer participants in the market such as Powerbug, Ben Sayers, Golfstream and MGI now provide a strong offering at a competitive price.

compact powakaddy ct8

A wide range of designs and models to suit different preferences

Electric golf trolleys are available in various designs and models, catering to different preferences and budgets. From compact and lightweight options to feature-packed, luxury models, there is an electric trolley to suit every golfer’s needs.

Broad depth of available add-ons

Many electric golf trolleys offer various add-on accessories, which enhance functionality and personalise your golfing experience. Popular add-ons include GPS systems for accurate shot making, phone holders for easy phone access, and umbrella holders to protect you from wet weather.

Storage attachments

Electric golf trolleys often come with additional storage options, like add-on compartments for balls and tees helping you stay organized during play. More innovative storage attachments include on-trolley storage bags and golf trolley seats that have storage built into the seat.

Compatibility with a wide range of golf bags

Most electric golf trolleys are designed to accommodate a wide style of golf bag, from lightweight carry bags to large cart bags. It means you can easily transport your preferred bag and equipment without further adapters or modifications.

Final Thoughts From Electric Golf

We strongly believe that electric golf trolleys can offer significant benefits over more manual methods of moving your golf clubs around a course. In this article we think that we have clearly identified these benefits.

Whether it is an enhanced golfing experience or the health and fitness advantages out on the course, we hope that we have put out a strong case on how an electric golf trolley will transform your on-course game.

Happy golfing guys – From the team at Electric Golf – The electric golf trolley A-Z for consumers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are electric golf trolleys allowed on all golf courses in the UK?

We would say that generally, most golf courses allow electric golf trolleys but sometimes golf course policies can come into play. Many courses have restrictions due to terrain and seasonality, like winter rules. If it is not your home course it is worthwhile checking in advance to confirm if any rules are in place regarding the use of electric trolleys.

Can an electric golf trolley be used in wet weather conditions?

Most electric golf trolleys are designed to withstand drizzle, light rain and damp weather. Regarding heavier rain, we would always recommend checking the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your specific trolley model is suitable for use in wetter conditions. Think about using waterproof covers or accessories to protect the battery and key electrical components during rainy conditions which will provide that additional peace of mind.

Do you think electric golf trolleys require any special maintenance?

An electric golf trolley generally requires minimal maintenance. We do propose that you follow the manufacturer’s operating manual for general guidance to ensure the trolley remains in optimal working condition. Manuals will advise about cleaning your trolley, checking for signs of wear and tear and properly caring for the battery to extend the life of your electric golf trolley.

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