The 8 Best Compact Electric Golf Trolleys (updated 2024)

powakaddy CT6 compact electric trolley

If you are searching for a compact electric trolley, you are probably most interested to know how small the trolley is when folded, how lightweight it is, the price and the battery duration.

The need of golfers for a small folding trolley often relate to storage concerns whether in your house, garage, or car boot.

The average boot size of a car leaves little room to fit a standard electric trolley and associated cart bag. Seats may need folding down, or a potentially muddy trolley or bag placed on the back seat.

The Top Compact Electric Golf Trolleys On The Market: Our List

In this guide, we have identified the best compact electric trolleys currently available.

The overriding factors to make our list are a small folding size and lightweight. We have also looked at features so our list has relevance for golfers that need on-course functionality in addition to off-course compactness. Fantastic features include adjustable distance control, USB charging ports, touch handle, and colour displays.

RankBrandModelFolded Size cmWeight with battery kgBuilt In GPSRemote ControlBattery TypeBattery CapacityPrice RangeMore Info
51 x 42 x 37
18 or 36 hole
£899-£999Check Price
51 x 43 x 38
18 or 36 hole
Check Price
3MotocaddyM5 GPS
65 x 47 x 41
18 or 36 hole
Check Price
4Ben Sayers
18-Hole Lithium
82 x 56 x 33
18 hole or 36 hole
£349-£449Check Price
5PowerbugNX Lithium
77 x 57 x 4111.0NoNoLithium 27 hole£599-£649
Check Price
86 x 59 x 28
18 or 36 Hole
Check Price
Q Follow
55 x 60 x 32
36 hole
Check Price
8GoKartGoKart66 x 60 x 2911.9NoNoLithium
18 or 36 Hole£369-£549Check Price

1. Powakaddy CT8 GPS

Powakaddy has now introduced the all new CT8 GPS to its compact line up in the UK. It has replaced the CT6 as the world’s smallest electric golf trolley folding up a full 20% smaller than it’s fellow Powakaddy.

What is the price?

The CT8 GPS retails in the £899 to £999 price range depending on if an 18-hole or 36-hole battery capacity is chosen.

If you want the version that also includes EBS (electronic braking system) called the CT8 GPS EBS, the price for both standard and extended range battery versions will be a touch higher, just pushing around the £1000 price mark.

The prices have come down since the launch and the CT8 is now available to buy online through a number of the UK’s top golf retailers where you can buy it here.

How compact is the CT8?

The CT8 is an extremely compact electric golf trolley. It folds down to an incredibly small package of only 51 x 42 x 37 cm.

A new two-fold design, combined with a 40% smaller plug and play battery has enabled Powakaddy to further reduce its compact footprint from it’s own CT6 electric trolley and models from competitor brands.

It’s weight is just 9.9 kg without a battery and 11.7 kg when the lithium-ion battery is included.

get powakaddy CT8

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

Powakaddy has managed to incorporate a bright 3.5 inch colour touch screen display onto the CT8. It further improves upon the very good 2.8 inch touchscreen that is available on the CT6.

What type of golfer would the CT8 suit?

The CT8 will appeal to those who have opted for its fellow compact Powakaddy, the CT6.

Key considerations are the need for a minimal folded footprint due to:

  • a small car boot
  • hard to access rear car seats
  • storage constraints at home

and/or a light weight trolley to:

  • limit body strain or injury when lifting the trolley in and out of the car or other storage.

Powakaddy CT8 on-course performance overview video

2. Powakaddy CT6 GPS

powakaddy ct6 folded and unfolded

Powakaddy was the brand that brought out the first commercial electric golf trolley in 1984 and has maintained its place as a high quality and innovative manufacturer. The CT6 is the second smallest folding model in the Powakaddy line up behind the CT8 and one of the smallest trolleys in the world when folded.

What is the price?

The CT6 GPS costs between £889 and £949. Other variants of the CT6 are also available without a GPS or with EBS.

It is sold extensively online at competitive price points from a range of top UK golf retailers, and you can find it here.

How compact is the CT6?

As an ultra-compact electric golf trolley, the Powakaddy CT6 GPS folds down to a tiny 51 x 43 x 38 cm to fit into the smallest of modes of transport. The minuscule dimensions, when folded, are made possible by a simple two-fold system, innovative inverting wheels and a tiny, yet powerful plug and play lithium battery. At just 11.8 kg including the battery, it is also one of the world’s lightest battery-powered models.

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

The CT6 has a fully integrated GPS with a 2.8-inch colour screen built into the handle, meaning it does not require the connection of any external GPS device. The GPS is straightforward to use, and the LCD screen provides good readability.

What type of golfer would the CT6 suit?

The Powakaddy will suit golfers with any of the following requirements:

  • The need to have a small folding trolley due to storage constraints
  • Require a lightweight solution to minimise aggravating existing injuries when lifting
  •  Possess a technical on-course game and need GPS functionality

Powakaddy CT6 on-course performance test video

3. Motocaddy M5 GPS

Motocaddy is one of the more recent brands producing electric golf trolleys first established in 2004. It only provides lithium powered models and has developed a solid reputation for delivering robust products alongside longer established brands like Powakaddy. The M5 GPS is a compact folding trolley with a built-in touchscreen GPS.

m5 gps folded and unfolded

What is the price?

The M series M5 GPS is available to purchase broadly between £899 and £999 depending on the battery version chosen from reputable UK online stockists where you can buy it here.

How compact is this trolley?

This M series model comes in at 65 x 47 x 41 cm. The M5 is not as compressed when folded as the Powakaddy CT6 as it does not have an inverted wheel system. Nonetheless, it is still one of the smallest folding electric golf trolleys available when folded and weighs 12.6 kg when the battery is in place.

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

Undoubtedly, the best feature of the Motocaddy is the built-in GPS, which displays via a large 3.5-inch colour screen, which is pre-loaded with over 40,000 golf courses which makes electric golf trolleys a huge benefit for golfers during a golf round. It is also a touch screen, a feature which is not offered by many other competitors in the compact fold up segment of the market.

What type of golfer would this trolley suit?

The Motocaddy M5 GPS is suitable for golfers that need for any of the following:

  • Technically minded on the course requiring the pin-point accuracy provided by in-built GPS
  • Require a space-saving solution due to storage constraints either at home or due to the size of car boot

Motocaddy M5 GPS out on the course video

4. Ben Sayers 18-Hole Lithium

Ben Sayers is reputed to be the longest established golf companies in the world having been founded all the way back in 1873. It offers a wide range of golf equipment and amongst this is a good value range of electric golf trolleys including the 18-hole Lithium which is surprisingly compact.

What is the price?

The Ben Sayers 18-Hole Lithium is available to purchase from upwards of £349 with an 18-hole lithium battery and a 200-watt powered motor. There is also a 36-hole version available. If you are interested in the 18-hole lithium, you can buy it here.

ben sayers 18 hole lithium

How compact is this trolley?

The 18-hole lithium is a horizontal folding and not a vertical folding compact trolley and for a budget priced trolley it is quite compact and deserves a spot on our list. It means at the height of 33 cm it will sit flat in the shallowest of boots. The length is 82 cm, and the width is 56 cm. Unlike vertical folding models, it is not a cube shape, but instead long, and has a low, folded height. The trolley is approximately 12 kg, including the battery.

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

Surprisingly, even for one of the best cheap electric golf trolleys, the 18-hole lithium does come with some middle-range features. It has three preset distance control options allowing you to send it 10, 20 or 30 metres down the fairway or over to the next tee. It also has 9 different speed settings which is impressive for a trolley at this price point, giving lots of flexibility to move at your pace.

What type of golfer would this trolley suit?

The Ben Sayers 18-Hole Lithium, would suit a golf player, looking for a compact-folding solution with the benefits of lithium electric power, but very much in the budget range.

Video overview of the Ben Sayers 18-hole lithium electric golf trolley

5. Powerbug NX Lithium

Powerbug is a UK based specialist electric trolley provider who manufactures all of its product range in Germany to a high standard. It offers a 3-year warranty on all its range which is in line with all the leading manufacturers and customer feedback on respected sites like Trustpilot is excellent.

What is the price?

The Powerbug NX Lithium and other models in the range are available to purchase directly from the company’s website by clicking here.

powerbug nx lithium

The cost of the NX Lithium ranges from £599 to £649 and features wise is pitched as a direct alternative to the Motocaddy S1 or the Powakaddy FX3.

How compact is this trolley?

The NX Lithium, when folded lies horizontally. It means that the footprint leaves a shallow height, but it is one of the longer length folding trolleys. The dimensions come in at a length of 77 cm, a width of 57 cm and a folded height of 41 cm. The NX Lithium is the lightest on our list weighing an incredible 11 kg with the battery fitted.

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

We feel that two great features need pointing out here. Firstly, at this price point, the NX Lithium has a 50-yard distance control feature called VRAP allowing the trolley to run and park automatically. The other feature of this trolley is the anti-clog front wheel. The large gap from the front wheel to the mudguard prevents mud clogging. The wheel can also be easily removed without tools for easy cleaning.

What type of golfer would this trolley suit?

We think the Powerbug NX Lithium would suit a golf player that requires a super lightweight solution to minimize existing injuries and ailments when lifting the trolley in and out of the car boot. For such a golfer, the super-light requirement will override all other considerations, such as a full range of on-trolley features and an ultra-small folded-size.

Video overview of the Powerbug NX Lithium electric golf trolley

6. Golfstream Vision

Golfstream is a UK based company dedicated to Electric Golf Products with their core offering being the Golfstream Vision Trolley. The company, in operation since 2008, has two founders who have been involved in the electric golf market for a combined total of more than 60 years.

What is the price?

golfstream vision 2023

The Golfstream Vision, was newly updated in 2023, with an improved LCD display and PU rubber tyres and retails from £399 including the lithium battery. It is a little lower priced than the Powerbug NX Lithium and competes in a segment that also consists of the Motocaddy S1 and the Powakaddy FX3. You can buy the Golfstream directly from the company website here.

How compact is this trolley?

The Vision is an electric golf trolley that folds horizontally and has the lowest height of any of our ‘best of compact’ list. It is just 28.5 cm high. Like other horizontally folding models, it is longer than vertical standing trolleys coming in with a length of 86.5 cm and a width of 59.5 cm. The trolley weighs 9 kg without a battery and approximately 11 kg when the battery in place, making it an excellent lightweight solution.

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

The best feature of this golf trolley is the mighty 30 AH, a 36-hole battery which will easily last back-to-back rounds and is also fast charging. It is an impressive offering in the under £500 segment of the market. Vision also offers a Super 30 AH version which has an additional 36% capacity, which in theory should see it last at least 50 holes.

What type of golfer would this trolley suit?

The Vision will suit a golfer looking for the following:

  • If storage is a consideration, the incredibly flat-lying size of 28.5 cm will suit the lowest of car boots.
  • If a golfer does not want to charge a trolley continually, the Vision may last up to 50 holes on a full charge.

Video overview of the Golfstream Vision out on the course

7. Stewart Golf Q Follow

What is the price?

The Stewart Golf Q Follow is priced at £1,599 and comes with an extended 36-hole lithium battery as standard. It is the most expensive compact electric trolley due to its cutting-edge styling and impressive list of features. It is available to buy directly from the Stewart Golf website.

How compact is this trolley?

stewart golf q follow folded and unfolded

The Stewart Q Follow once folded, has a different footprint to the upright cube shape of a CT6 or M5 designed for vertical storage. Instead, it is much lower in height but broader, which may suit the shape of your boot better, although it can also store vertically. The dimensions are 55 x 60 x 32 cm and the Q Follow weighs in at just over 14 kg including the battery.

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

The Stewart Q Follow has sophisticated follow technology which allows it to track the movements of your remote-control handset as you walk the fairways. It is the world’s most compact trolley that includes a follow capability.

What type of golfer would this trolley suit?

The Q follow although small folding, at 14.1 kg is a little heavier than other types on our list. For golfers that may struggle to lift a trolley in and out of their car boot, there may be better options.

We would suggest that the Q Follow is perfect for golfers who are therefore not affected by weight and instead want a great looking compact trolley, with remote control capability.

A video overview of the Stewart Golf Q Follow out on the course

8. GoKart Electric Trolley

GoKart is a dedicated electric trolley designer and manufacturer based in the UK. It is a long-standing company and a trusted brand that has been around for over 30 years, and according to Trustpilot, based on customer reviews, its feedback with trolley owners is excellent.

What is the price?

gokart folded and unfolded trolley

The GoKart ranges in price from £369 to £549 depending on the battery choice and speed control function. Although a heavier lead acid battery is available, the better play is to choose between an 18 hole or 36-hole lithium battery where the trolley costs either £449 or £529 respectively for a standard speed control model. We have produced an in-depth article on lithium batteries including considerations when purchasing one to help ensure you buy the best lithium battery for your electric golf trolley. You can buy the GoKart at their official website.

How compact is this trolley?

The GoKart is very neat when folded, folding down to just 66 x 60 x 29 cm, and can be folded down with the lithium battery still in place. Batteries in the GoKart can even charge when folded down. With an 18-hole lithium battery, it weighs just 11.9 kg and only 12.6 kg with extended 36-hole battery life.

What is the best feature of this golf trolley?

The best feature of the GoKart is an auto-lock which is an integral part of the synchronised folding frame design. When you are preparing the trolley, it simply clicks into place, making the GoKart one of the quickest electric trolleys to get out of your car boot and set up.

What type of golfer would this trolley suit?

This electric golf trolley from a UK manufacturer is extremely reliable. It does the basics well and would suit a golf player who is not worried about features but wants an easy to set up trolley to get clubs efficiently from car boot to tee.

The Go Kart Electric Golf Trolley overview video on the golf course

What Makes Certain Electric Trolleys Compact and lightweight?

You may ask, what are the attributes that make individual electric golf trolleys, as highlighted in our list, more compact and lightweight than others? We can provide you with an answer to this:

Why Compact?

golf stream vision folded
Golfstream Vision folded up
powakaddy ct8 folded up
Powakaddy CT8 folded up

The best small folding electric golf trolleys make use of innovative two-fold systems that allows them to be folded up and stored vertically in a compact shape that is almost cube-like. The Powakaddy CT8 is the best example of this vertical folding mechanism.

Other compact models use one click folding systems allowing them to store horizontally with an extremely minimal height, as low as 28 cm in the case of the Golfstream Vision.

Here you can see the two-fold CT8 lined up next to the single folding Vision.

Why Lightweight?

The lightest fold-up electric trolleys tend to combine two key components to make not only a compact but also an incredibly lightweight electric trolley that with battery can weigh under 11 kg.

A plug and play style lithium battery is exceptionally light and thin and clicks into place with no need for wires. It can also remain in place when the trolley folds up. The CT8 has a plug n play battery system to reduce its footprint further.

The frame material is also a weight factor. The lightest models have an aluminium frame design which is strong and lightweight. The Motocaddy M5 GPS is both compact and lightweight, made of aluminium and weighs under 13 kg.


We hope that our in-depth guide of the best compact electric golf trolleys on the market, updated for 2024 has given you the knowledge that will lead you to make an informed decision and choose one that fits your needs. If you need to know a precise way to measure your car boot to further ensure that you purchase the right golf trolley we also recommend reading this article. Having the appropriate trolley is a positive step in helping you focus on your golf and not on other distractions such as fitness.

Happy golfing – From the team at Electric Golf, the electric golf trolley A to Z for consumers