The Best Electric Golf Trolley for A Hilly Course (updated 2024)

Do you play golf on a hilly home course? If so, do you worry about your electric golf trolley picking up speed when walking downhill or rolling away when you are not looking?

Did you know that some electric trolleys have special features that cater for undulating terrain?

In this guide, we will highlight features that specifically help with a hilly course. As an accompaniment, we also list which electric golf trolleys have these features helping you to make an informed decision about the best electric golf trolley for a hilly course.

What Are the Pain Points when Golfers Use Electric Trolleys on Hilly Courses?

Hilly golf courses reveal several pain points for golfers who play using electric golf trolleys. The main issues facing golfers are:

  • Forcefully having to hold back heavy electric trolleys as they attempt to go down a steep incline.
  • The risk that electric trolleys move or roll away when not attended, mainly when playing shots.
  • An inadequate amount of grip from the wheels to go up steep course sections resulting in the golfer manually pushing a heavy trolley.

The problems have led top trolley manufacturers, including Motocaddy and Powakaddy, to bring out additional electric golf trolleys into their ranges with features that specifically cope well with inclines and undulating terrain.

motocaddy trolley on a steep incline

What Are The Key Electric Golf Trolley Features Needed for Hilly Golf Courses?

Six features help make an electric golf trolley suitable for a course with steep hills. We have put together a helpful table that lists electric golf trolleys currently available on the market with at least three of these features.

NumberBrandModelElectronic Parking BrakeDownhill Speed ControlStabiliser Bar Or Anti-Tip WheelAll-Terrain TyresBattery Weather Sealing36-Hole Lithium Battery OptionPrice RangeMore Info
#1Motocaddy S1 DHC Ultra LithiumYesYesNoYesYesYes£699-£799Check Price
2PowakaddyFX3 EBS 36-HoleNoYesNoNoYesYes£699-£799Check Price
3MotocaddyM1 DHC Ultra LithiumYesYesNoYesYesYes£739-£839Check Price
4PowakaddyCT6 EBS 36-HoleNoYesNoNoYesYes£769-£869Check Price
5Stewart GolfQ followNoNoYesYesYesYes£1599-£1849Check Price

We will now explain about each of these six features and why they are essential for undulating golf terrain.

1. Downhill Speed Control

Downhill speed control capability uses an automatic braking system so the trolley can maintain a stable and constant speed when going downhill, without the golfer having to hold it back or make any adjustments to any pre-hill speed settings. It works with a motor that automatically adjusts the power output to control the rate of descent.

Motocaddy has brought out models in their range known as DHC with special downhill control functions automatically allowing constant speed on a gradient using downhill braking and coupled with an electronic parking brake.

motocaddy s1 dhc ultra lithium electric golf trolley

Powakaddy similarly offers all-terrain capability by providing an optional automatic electronic braking system that automatically slows an electric golf trolley down on steep inclines.

2. Electronic Parking Brake

An electronic parking brake is an important feature for all-terrain electric golf trolleys. It alleviates concern that your electric golf trolley will roll away on an incline when you are playing a shot from the fairway or off the tee.

Not all electric trolleys feature a parking brake as it requires a motor to operate. When a parking brake is offered, manufacturers often offer it in tandem with an automatic downhill braking feature, with both features sharing the same motor.

3. Stabiliser Bar / Anti-Tip Rear Wheel

A new feature that helps on courses with hills and inclines is a stabiliser bar for electric golf trolleys with a follow feature or remote control. The purpose of a stabiliser bar is to ensure your electric trolley does not fall over and provide stability when it is programmed to follow you either up a severe incline or down from a steep tee.

Stewart Golf Q Follow has a built-in stabiliser bar with two wheels, and one of the key benefits of this electric golf trolley is making inclines smoother and reducing the trolley’s risk of toppling over. We have produced a guide of the key benefits of electric golf trolleys for golfers including undulating and hilly courses.

4. All-Terrain wheels

All-terrain tyres make sure that slipping and sliding are kept as minimal as possible, and it is all to do with the tread on the tyre.

A bespoke all terrain tread is available, which increases the level of anti-skid with significantly reduced turf compression is perfect for use in wet weather.

For models that focus on hilly courses, all-terrain tyres are available as the default option rather than a standard tread typically available on electric golf trolleys not focused on undulating conditions.

The Motocaddy S1 DHC and M1 DHC come with All-terrain tyres as standard.

5. 36-hole lithium-ion battery option

Battery capacity is an essential consideration for an electric golf trolley on a hilly course. The larger the battery capacity, the more likely it copes with the rigours of a round on a hilly course. A powerful battery with a lighter weight is desirable, hence the preference for lithium-ion over lead-acid batteries which weigh considerably more.

A battery is measured in ampere-hours or AH and refers to the discharge current that the battery can deliver over a specific time frame. A higher AH number correlates to a longer running time and the more golf holes your electric golf trolley can complete. A lithium battery rated for 36 holes will require a power of at least 22AH.

Operating an electric golf trolley on steep inclines will also put more strain on your lithium battery especially if the electric trolley is heavy.  A lithium battery rated for 18 or 27 holes may not have the same battery life as on a flat course, and to make sure you complete your round, a 36-hole lithium battery option is a wise choice.

For more information on batteries, please view our article on the best lithium battery options for electric golf trolleys.

6. Battery IP66 waterproof rating

The best electric golf trolleys will include a battery with an IP66 waterproof rating which ensures safe use in all weather conditions. We have included this as a desirable feature when looking for a suitable electric golf trolley for undulating courses. Variable weather conditions are often associated with low-lying hilly terrain.

An IP66 waterproof level can withstand exposure to water under high pressure in actual conditions. IP stands for ingress protection and indicates an exact level of protection against ingress of moisture in different scenarios. Ratings typically considered waterproof are IP65, IP66 and IP67. The second digit in an IP code indicates a precise level of protection against moisture ingress under specific test scenarios

The Motocaddy M-Series lithium batteries feature seals that are waterproof and specifically designed to protect against the worst that British weather can throw at you.

An Additional Consideration – Electric Golf Trolley Seat option

Take the weight off your legs on a challenging undulating course with a seat for your electric golf trolley. Top brands, including Powakaddy, offer a trolley seat. It can remain connected to the electric trolley throughout the round and does not get in the way of your golf bag and clubs. Besides courses with steep hills, a seat is excellent for long rounds and slow rounds when you suffer slow play.

Following our Research What Is the Best Electric Golf Trolley for a Hilly Course?

s1 dhc ultra lithjum by motocaddy
S1 DHC Ultra Lithium

Following our updated research, we rate the Motocaddy S1 DHC Ultra Lithium as the top-rated electric golf trolley for hilly courses. According to our research it offers five out of the six features that we highlight as essential for the robust hilly course performance. Price is also a consideration, and the S1 DHC Ultra Lithium is a lower cost electric golf trolley than the rest of the Motocaddy downhill control model (DHC) range. Taking everything into account it just pips the M1 DHC Ultra Lithium. All Motocaddy downhill models provide complete control for the golfer when moving down an incline and include:

  • Electronic parking brake
  • Automatic downhill speed control
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Ultra-lithium ion battery option for a 36-hole range

You can buy the Motocaddy S1 DHC Ultra Lithium here

Further desirable features for an electric trolley beyond those which help perform on an undulating course are available on higher cost electric trolleys such as the Stewart Q follow which include:

  • Distance control
  • Remote control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cruise Control
  • USB Charging
  • Compact folding system


This guide has highlighted how playing on a hilly course can pose problems for golfers using electric golf trolleys, not least controlling the trolley as you move down steep inclines. The solutions lie in a specific set of features that are essential to counteract these problems.

Thankfully trolley manufacturers have recognised this pain point and have added all-terrain electric golf trolleys to their line-up. We hope that this well researched guide will enable you to make an informed decision about the best electric golf trolley for your needs.