Discover The Full Health Related Benefits Of Using An Electric Golf Trolley

Here at Electric Golf, our mantra is “focus on your golf and not your fitness.”

As we constantly talk about throughout our blog, using an electric golf trolley takes away all the stress and the pressure associated with carrying a heavy golf bag during your round. It means you can focus on playing a solid round of golf and simultaneously enjoy your game.

Importantly, though, when using an electric golf trolley you will really notice how much better you feel following an 18-hole round, as your body will not have gone through so much physical exertion.

an older golfer with an electric trolley

From increased mobility and improved posture, to reduced fatigue and muscle soreness, electric golf trolleys offer significant health benefits for golfers with and without pre-existing health conditions.

In this article we will outline six key areas where the full health related benefits of using an electric golf trolley during your golf round are evident. It will really open your eyes to the merits of an electric solution for transporting golf clubs and equipment.

Reduced Stress On Joints And Bones

By using an electric golf trolley, you do not need to carry your golf clubs around the course which is a strain on your body due to their weight.

It means that over the duration of a golf round you are avoiding putting unnecessary pressure on your:

  • shoulder joints
  • elbow joints
  • lower back joints

Golfers who walk with their bags also tend to put extra load on their legs and feet every time they step down onto them. As older golfers ourselves, we really used to notice discomfort affecting our knees.

With an electric trolley though, all the force is taken by the trolley as it powers forward thus lowering any potential risks of joint damage and providing much-needed relief after a long round.

Proven Muscle Fatigue Prevention

Using an electric golf trolley on the golf course provides a direct source of muscle fatigue prevention.

Did you know that regularly carrying a heavy golf bag on shoulder straps full of heavy equipment for long periods is not advised as it:

a group of golfers with electric golf trolleys on the fairway
  • Decreases blood flow in the shoulder which directly causes soreness and stiffness after a round of golf.
  • May result in a loss of fine motor control

By using an electric golf trolley it instantly improves circulation in your muscles leaving you feeling fresher following a round and in improved physical health.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Walking at a steady pace around a golf course is an excellent form of exercise to increase your overall fitness levels.

As you walk steadily, blood pumps faster through your body which helps:

  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • lower blood pressure.

Walking at a constant pace also encourages better breathing techniques that increases the intake of oxygen to the lungs. Controlled breathing leads to:

  • Healthier airways
  • An increase in stamina during more rigorous activities.

It is by using an electric golf trolley which allows you to maintain this important steady pace while making walking more enjoyable.

Improved Posture And Balance

When your body is relieved of both the strain and stress of carrying a heavy golf bag, scientific research [1] has found that players using an electric trolley improved their swing speed by up to 2.5 per cent compared with those who carry their clubs.

golfer with electric golf trolley hitting a shot

This improvement in performance over the golf round relates directly from:

  • A greater range of motion
  • Fatigue reduction

Using an electric golf trolley allows for a more natural movement while you play without worrying about any prospective injury or strain from lifting heavy golf bags continuously.

Walking 18 holes using an electric golf trolley encourages better form and engages muscles throughout your entire body improving overall stability and balance on each shot taken.

Improved Mental Clarity And Concentration

The use of an electric golf trolley is proven to have a positive impact on mental clarity and concentration on the course for all levels of golfer.

Importantly, an electric golf trolley reduces physical strain and removes unnecessary distractions like continually picking up or putting down a golf bag. It enables you to to keep a focused mind throughout a round and concentrate on:

  • Swing technique
  • Shot making
  • Strategy

A study by CCHSS [2] which we have featured in our article on the overall benefits of an electric golf trolley shows that the same golfer under test conditions playing 9 holes of golf achieved lower scores to par with an electric golf trolley compared to carrying a bag or using a push trolley.

Mental ClarityReduced physical strain allows better focus
ConcentrationMore ability to remain focused while playing

If you regularly carry a heavy golf bag you may be at risk of losing focus as you become tired especially over the last few holes. The issue reduces by using an electric golf trolley allowing for a consistent level of focus even over the latter holes.

A reduction in on-course fatigue from using an electric golf trolley also results in a greater enjoyment of your golf round; enjoying the experience fully is more likely to give you an improved overall performance.

electric golf trolley on an incline

Weight Loss Opportunities

As mentioned previously in this article, using an electric golf trolley helps increase physical activity out on the golf course.

It allows you to walk properly unhindered by carrying a bag or pushing a manual trolley. Walking correctly is extremely important as it burns calories consistently which is extremely important for weight loss.

Final Thoughts From Electric Golf

By buying a high quality electric golf trolley, you will be able to improve your overall on-course performance while ensuring that your body stays healthy.

Not only will it keep you active but will give you better energy levels throughout your round and a reduced risk of injury or strains. When we are playing 18 holes knowing that we are not going to have to carry clubs around makes us much happier as we walk down each fairway.

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